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International Cooperation

We are already in Senegal collaborating with two communities of musicians and healers in Mbour and Casamance supporting and making culture visible and supporting them in a sustainable development that allows a lot of families to live in a dignified way while still honouring their gift and legacy. We also do social work using percussion and music as tools for social transformation and human development, creating spaces for people to access their full potential and sowing seeds of self-esteem, respect, equality…

Sociocultural Project

To make the richness of African culture visible, its dissemination and teaching. Supporting the families of musicians with the preparation of courses and online classes.

Recording and editing videos of African dance, percussion and singing classes.

Work on collecting songs with griot women, traditional singers, recording and teaching through online classes.

Preparation of material for the respective courses that can support the families of musicians in achieving their dream.

Use of music and percussion as a tool to do social work and create spaces that promote equality, respect and self-esteem and to enhance their gifts and skills that support them in their human development and promote integration and interculturality.

Mbour Project

Phase I - Purchase of land and creation of a farm and sustainable agriculture.

Phase II - Construction of a music and tradition school.

Phase III - Construction of traditional huts for sustainable tourism.

Casamance Project

Our ideas, developed together with the collective of healers, the women's association and the kumpo association of the Bandjikaky community:

  • To create a Healing Centre, a place of rest and relaxation, where people can come to reconnect, rest, heal and be nourished by this experience of culture and tradition.
  • To create a camp of traditional adobe and bamboo huts that can accommodate visitors who want to live this experience with them.
  • Support them in making the cultural richness visible, disseminating and promoting it.
  • Use music and percussion as a tool to do social work and create spaces to promote equality, respect, self-esteem and enhance their gifts and abilities to support them in their human development and in turn promote integration and interculturality.
This initiative aims to help boost the economy of the whole community.

With the creation of the Centre of approx 300m2 and 8 cabins of 20m2 each using appropriate technologies of bio-construction, clean energy, water management, waste management, among others, our goal is that the Centre is a demonstrative and learning place that allows us to support them with some improvements in their own homes in a second phase or in parallel, to improve their quality of life:

  • Putting water pumps in the wells and channelling the water.
  • Solar panels to take advantage of solar energy.
  • Help to improve the latrines (the traditional toilets) which are currently a hole in the ground with a piece of wood on top of it.
  • Help repair some roofs.

African dance
African dance
African dance
Drums for Integration

Percussion circles and chants

We offer activities, where African and Spanish artists come together for intercultural integration, exchange and dissemination and where the people are an important part, recreating the circles of our ancestors where we made music among each and everyone and each voice added and was unique and important. Activities that respect diversity and where all groups are welcome, because music does not understand borders, ages, races, gender or social classes, or lack of skills... An inclusive project that, among the multiple benefits of percussion, dance, singing... seeks the empowerment that occurs with the process of artistic creation.

Interactive shows

African percussion, dances and popular songs in this Culture and Tradition show. A journey through Africa and an immersion in the culture through the different rhythms. Interactive show where the audience is encouraged to be an important part of the show by participating in the songs, dances, clapping... A show of strength, roots, connection with the rhythms of the earth that connect us with joy and the desire to live. A high level show where the dancers demonstrate their mastery of the body with incredible acrobatics that will not leave you indifferent in this legacy that is passed down from father to son.

  • Percusion and songs.
  • Dance, songs and percusion.

African dance

African dance classes with live music from Senegal with family custodians of African rhythms. Connect with the strength and energy of Africa as you dance and learn different rhythms, release tension, reconnect with your own strength, allow stagnant energy to move and feel higher levels of energy.

Liberation dance and breathing

Exploration, liberation and connection with the inner strength through BREATHING, MOVEMENT, DANCE and ARICAN PERCUSSION. A journey to the joy and the memory of the Love that you are.

«African dance and percussion give us the gift of bringing us back to the present moment, returning joy, laughter, partying, playing... and innocence.»

Music for Education

On the same beat with Africa

This is our children's program of interaction with Senegal. We want children be part of this cooperation project, a project with heart, full of love, illusion, collaboration... Our proposal is they can receive online interactive classes from the hand of custodian families of African rhythms, the rhythms of mother earth and in addition to learning music with them they can see other realities that exist in the world. And at the same time, in exchange for their contribution, these families in Senegal can create their own self-sustainable ecovillages and there is no better way than from the rhythm, from the illusion because we are heart, we are vibration.

Special program for groups and schools.

We tell you
Healthy and conscious tourisms

We offer experiences

We offer intercultural and growth experiences that promote joy, liberation, reconnection, lightness and enjoyment. A different, liberating and healing tourism experience that, without a doubt, leaves its mark on hearts.

The sound of the drums represent the original sound of the earth; the sound of the gestation of the mother who lulls her baby before birth and later when she breastfeeds him; heart beats; the sound of all the cultures of the planet, without border; of the earth’s loving heart... The sound of the drums lovingly summons the great spirits, it possesses the strength of mother earth and elements and heals the listener.


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