Drums for Integration

Drums for Integration

Can drums support a better world?

We use music and percussion as tools to do social work and create spaces that favour integration, inclusion, equality, respect and self-esteem. Our activities also support sustainable development projects in Senegal..

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The meaning of Africa Guimanam

Africa has got a song for me, for you...
For each one for us.

Africa is an explosion of life, land, strength, roots, colors, smells, joy, music, rhythm, movement...

If you have ever been in Africa you know what we are talking about. If you have not been there yet, it may be that Africa is calling you with an ancestral song of connection with life, the moment is now, we are a tribe and we go forward together and without looking back.

Africa sings us a song that connects us with our own song and to the rhythms of drums, the moving hips keep our soul awake and reminds us that strength, love and joy come from the inside.

African baby playing drum

The current circumstances make necessary to promote activities which promote joy, strength, confidence in life, empowerment, lightness and enjoyment and at the same time promote intercultural coexistence in order to prevent intolerance for racist reasons and with the objectives of promoting freedom, equality and making visible the richness that diversity of beliefs and cultures brings to our society in a context of freedom.

In this sense, we understand Art as a way to understand reality,
but also a way to transform it.

We have much to learn from our African family, as well as from other cultures, which even with difficulties, keep their wish to laugh and celebrate life.

Creating a school of music and tradition.

When children in Senegal asked for bicycles, We felt it would be easy to get them and send them a container to make their dreams come true, but Ngor confronted us with a reality that our European mentality did not expect. - Do you know how long they can keep their bikes when their parents don't have enough to feed them? Our project A BICYCLE FOR AFRICA was the engine that made us start and take action, considering how to support them in their economy so they would not have to sell their bicycles.

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