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From the beginning our idea is precisely to make them independent, as the saying goes instead of giving them the fish, give them the rod and teach them how to fish.

We want to create a farm where they can plant fruit trees and vegetables and raise animals that will guarantee their livelihood, while continuing to honor their gift and legacy, as they are families of musicians who pass on the legacy of culture from generation to generation and in the second phase of the project our intention is to create a school of music and tradition.

We are already in Senegal with all our energy focused on developing the first phase of the project before the end of the year 2022 and continuing with the other phases over the next year as we get the financial support we need to do so.

First phase, purchase of the land, digging of the well, planting and walling.

Second phase, construction of a school of music and tradition. Large hut, without walls, only pillars supporting a large bamboo roof in the traditional style where they can be protected from the sun and serve to give their classes.

Third phase, construction of small traditional huts of adobe and bamboo, where they can accommodate a conscious and sustainable tourism that wants to live Africa from the inside, learn the culture and support them in the movement of their economy.

Steps to follow in this phase: In addition to the construction of the huts, bring running water and solar energy.

You will always have a place inside the farm and the life of all these families.

In a way it would be like paying for your vacation in advance, knowing that every time you come to Senegal you can be part of the magic, the music, the joy of all these people who are griots, family of musicians, who feel that their job is to make people happy, that people can enjoy, sing and play.

Many, many families who are praying for us for this project to become a reality.

At the moment there are more than twenty families that will be directly benefited and we want to extend it little by little to other communities as we can.