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An African phrase says God helps those who give. And a Course in Miracles says, there is no one out there other than us, so it is ourselves that we are supporting. What we give, we give to ourselves. Sometimes we think we have something to give and we see ourselves receiving much more than we imagined, much more than we thought we would give. There is no difference between giving and receiving and there, in Africa they know it, that is why they are so generous. Africa itself, its people and its colors are for us much more than a gift.

This is our particular crowdfunding outside of any established circuit. We need a boost for our association and our project with Senegal. All contributions will be rewarded by the musicians families themselves through bonuses (you will find more information about bonuses at the bottom of the page). Thank you in advance..

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Active partners

They are those who want to collaborate and participate in the magic and joy that happens when the drums beat. They participate in the activities, either in person or online. and access exclusive content. Soak up the African culture with our videos that you can access if you enroll in this level: percussion classes of different rhythms and songs, recipes of typical food told in a very cheerful and musical way...

OPTION 1 - Join the Africa Guimanam movement:
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Participate in our activities. Singing, percussion and joy in these activities that fill our hearts with the beautiful, healing and liberating vibration that is created when we make music together. You too can be part of it with your monthly fee. Join us and be part of our projects and enjoy these experiences that are much more than percussion classes, they are medicine for the soul.. From: 40€/month.

OPTION 2 - Course 1 of African dance:
Package of 13 video lessons and 4 live online lessons from Senegal.

Unlimited access to the videos. Promotional price, per limited time: 30€.

OPTION 3 - Course 1 of African percussion:
Package of 8 video lessons and 5 live online.

Unlimited access to the videos. Promotional price, per limited time: 40€.

OPTION 4 - Weekly dance class live online from Senegal:
Promotional price, per limited time: 25€.

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They are people all over the world who selflessly collaborate for the pleasure of collaborating and being part of something very beautiful. You want to give us strength and be part of our socio-cultural and cooperation projects.

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OPTION 2 From 15€/month
OPTION 3 From 25€/month
OPTION 4 From 50€/month

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In addition to participating, either in person or online, in the activities which you have access if you become a member from Africa Guimanam we would like to show you our gratitude by giving you something in exchange for your donation..

Online class packages from Senegal

African dance and percussion classes and songs that you will receive live from Africa via Zoom. Receive through these encounters much more than classes. Receive the strength, the joy, the energy of all these people, griots, family of musicians, who has born with this and where children learn to play before they learn to walk. Let yourself be inspired with colours, strength and roots. Africa in your home with a single click where children and adults greet you, thank you, dance, play and sing with you. We want to project the videoconference with a projector cannon on a large screen so they can see the participants and interact with them. Can you imagine it?

OPTION 1 - Package of 2 classes for a donation of 30€
OPTION 2 - Package of 5 classes for a donation of 50€
OPTION 3 - Package of 10 classes for a donation of 100€

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Help us to build your traditional hut and travel to Senegal with us

If you want to support our projects in Senegal to build the farm, the school of music and tradition and your hut where you can stay when you come to visit? Join with some friends and help to build one of the traditional adobe and bamboo huts, which will, of course, remain at the disposal of the project and the families but which will be there for you to stay when you come to Senegal, allowing you to be part of the culture and enjoy Africa from within. It would be like paying for your holiday accommodation in advance. You can also soak up the African culture getting access to our videos: percussion classes of the different rhythms and songs, recipes of typical food told in a very original, joyful and musical way...

Join with friends, collaborate and name your hut. Ask us for more information.


We need experts in Sustainable agriculture and livestock farming, Bioconstruction, Digital visibility.

Are you interested? Send an email to to sign up for our volunteer program.